Emily started making bread in her home for her family and a few lucky neighbors. Years later she turned her bread making into a business. shortly after opening she became ill and that's when the second generation had to take over. Now as we are approaching training in the fourth generation we are still making things the same way she did, with the freshest produce available and taking our time to carefully bring our customers a delicious and consistent product.

A little history about the name

Emily's Lebanese Deli

Chef's Specialties

For over 40 years, Emily's has been synonymous with Middle Eastern dining.

It all started In a northeast Minneapolis basement with something as simple as flat bread. From there it has grown into what is now one of the longest family run Lebanese restaurants in Minneapolis. Come taste why we have lasted the test of time and why we are still going strong.   

For special orders please give us a call 612-379-4069.

Our Story

Braised Lamb Shank

 browned lamb shank, sautéed onions and garlic in a thick tomato sauce all braised together over two hours. served over a bed of rice.  

Lamb tongues

as the name states these are boiled lamb tongues simply served with a homemade vinaigrette on the side.


this dish is made from lamb tripe boiled until soft then mixed with ground lamb, chickpeas, rice, onions and spices served with lemon wedges.

All of our chef specials are not available on a daily basis ask you server if available.