Emily's Lebanese Deli

Our Menu 

  everything on our menu is available for takeout. please call for current pricing.


hummus Bi-Tahini                                            Olives & feta cheese    

Baba Ghannuj                                                   Mistah (bread)             

Lubin (yogurt)                                                 Small Mistah                 

Spinach pie                                                      Banana peppers            

                                      Appetizer Plate a bit of it all

                  Hummus, Baba ghannuj, olives, feta, and peppers   

                      or pick three items off appetizer plate                 

       Soups, Salads, sandwiches

Homemade soup                                                                                                   Lebanese salad with homemade dressing

 bowl of chicken or lamb vegetable                                                                          large plain       

cup of soup                                                                                                               large with feta    

                                                                                                                               large with olives, peppers, onions and feta 

    Tabouli                                                                                                                  small                               

      traditional salad of parsley, tomatoes,                                                                                small with feta            

       onions, cracked wheat, lemon                                                                                                                 small with works                 

             oil and spices.                                                                                                                                       Add a chicken breast to any salad  



                                                 all served on a toasted mistah with lettuce and tomato

                                                                ( includes tabouli and bread)

       Fried Kibbi sandwich                                                                                   Kafta burger      

        ground beef, onions, cracked wheat, and spices.                                  ground beef seasoned with onions, parsley and spices.   


                                                                  Broiled chicken sandwich               

                                                         broiled chicken breast basted with garlic butter.

A La Carte menu Mix & Match

Cabbage rolls                                                                                         Baked Kibbi                         

cabbage leaves filled with ground lamb and rice                                                                              ground beef, onions, cracked wheat & spices

seasoned with garlic and lemon juice.                                                                                              baked around a layer of lamb, beef, onions and pine nuts.
 Stuffed Grape leaves                                                                                * 1/2 order Raw KIbbi                

  vine leaves rolled with lamb & rice seasoned                                                                                  lean ground round mixed with onions, cracked wheat

   with lemon juice and spices.                                                                                                           and spices. Served raw with a side olive oil.

Stuffed Zucchini                                                                                        1/2 Kafta Kabob                        

Hollowed zucchini filled with lamb, rice                                                                                          Ground beef seasoned with onions, parsley and spices

tomato paste and spices then baked.                                                                                                 molded on a skewer then broiled. served with rice

Meat Pie                                                                                                   1/2  Shish Kabob                     

Ground lamb and beef caramelized onions,                                                                                       Tender chunks of lamb with onions and zucchini

 spices and pine nuts baked in a golden bread shell.                                                                           broiled and basted with garlic butter. served with rice.

Spinach Pie                                                                                              1/2 Chicken Kabob                    

Spinach & onions seasoned with lemon, oil and spices                                                                         Tender chunks of chicken on a skewer basted with

wrapped in dough and baked golden brown.                                                                                         garlic butter served with a side of chicken & rice. 


Flat bread     (side order)                             

Kibbi Patty                                                 



                                                                       all entrees include Tabouli, soup or salad and bread 

#1 Daily Special                       *                                #8   Lebanese Chicken & Rice          

baked or raw kibbi, cabbage rolls                                                                                         chunks of chicken breast, ground lamb, rice and pine nuts

  and grape leaKibbi ves.                                                                                                               simmered with cinnamon and  butter .  try with lubin            

                                                                                                                                                            Half order                                           

  #2  combination dinner            *                                    #9 Lebanese Green beans                    

Baked and Raw kibbi, meat pie, cabbage rolls                                                                         lamb chunks stewed until tender in a tomato sauce

grape leaves and stuffed zucchini all together.                                                                  with green beans served with rice.  Half order 5.75


#3   Lamb shish Kabob                                                #10    Lubin and grape leaves               

tender pieces of lamb with onion chunks and zucchini                                           A larger portion of stuffed grape leaves served with a bowl

broiled and basted with garlic butter served over rice.                                                             of fresh homemade yogurt for dipping.

#4  Chicken Kabob                                                     #11 Lentils & Rice                                

Pieces of chicken breast on a skewer basted with                                                          a meatless dish of stewed lentils caramelized onions & rice simply seasoned.

garlic butter and served with Lebanese chicken & rice.                                                    Half order  

#5 Kafta Kabob                                                         #12 Kidney beans & Rice                      

Freshly ground beef with onions, parsley and spices                                                                 caramelized onions stewed in a tomato sauce with kidney beans 

molded onto a skewer and broiled served with rice.                                                                   and simple spices served with a side of rice. Half order  5.50.


#6  Raw Kibbi Plate                       *                             #13     Samak Harra (spicy fish)             

a plate of 100% lean fresh ground round mixed with                                                                  Tilapia lightly dusted with flour and pan fried.

onions, cracked wheat and spices served raw and with oil.                                                      topped with pureed tomato, garlic, onion, cilantro,

                                                                                                                                                and spicy seasonings served with potatoes.       

 #7   Kibbi combination             

A half serving of the Raw kibbi and a serving of the Baked

Kibbi make up this combination plate served with raw onions and oil.    

Desserts                                                                          Side orders

Baklawa                                                                         side of dressing                    side of plain rice    

layers of fillo dough buttered and filled with walnuts                                                                    bowl of dressing                  side of chicken & rice  

covered with simple syrup.                                                              Skewers  Only no rice included

Crema                                                                           Large vegetable        

homemade Lebanese custard flavored with orange blossom water.                            Small vegetable        

                                                                                      chicken skewer         

                                                                                        Lamb skewer           

                                                                                        Kafta skewer           

*consuming raw or undercooked meats,

poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk

of food borne illness, especially if you have a medical condition.